ACSYNAM (Advanced Chemical Synthesis and Manufacturing) is a start-up founded in 2016 out of the McGill University Department of Chemistry, providing custom solutions based on innovations in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), porous materials with high potential for use in a large variety of industrial applications. Our first MOF solution is a platform of energetic materials as next-generation solid fuel components for rocket and spacecraft propulsion. We also offer custom manufacturing solutions using our patented MOF synthesis method that provides a greener alternative to conventional methods.

Next-generation solid fuels

The landscape of the propulsion market is rapidly changing, with an increased motivation to make space exploration more commercially accessible fueling the search for greener and more economical propellant alternatives.

Our proprietary platform of energetic MOF materials provides a one-of-kind solution to these propulsion challenges. By taking advantage of certain chemical triggers placed on conventional MOF materials, we are developing a tunable class of solid fuels and additives that are easy to handle and, with simple modifications, can provide a customized approach to solving propulsion challenges on the ground and in space.

Our commitment to sustainable and green chemistry practices lies not only in the materials we develop but in the methods we use to manufacture them. Our patented manufacturing technology enables the production of highly porous MOF products using supercritical carbon dioxide. Our method provides a more economical, high-yielding, and efficient approach to producing quality MOF adsorbents and materials.

Greener MOF manufacture with CO2