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We make MOFs with a variety of applications for your research and commercial needs
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Metal-Organic Frameworks

Nanostorage materials with applications in gas storage, catalysis, and separations

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Zeolitic-imidazolate frameworks

Robust class of MOFs with applications in carbon dioxide storage, catalysis, and separations

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Ligands and building blocks for MOFs and crystal engineers

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CUSTOM Synthesis

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Our technology of MOF manufacture enables the replacement of toxic or flammable organic solvents with carbon dioxide gas in its high pressure form, also known as supercritical CO2 (scCO2). Thus, virtually eliminating the superfluous liquid waste associated with previous processes. While cleaner, our technology is also highly adaptable compared to alternative processes. The use of scCO2, an extremely versatile reaction media, allows high tunability of the reaction conditions (temperature and pressure), enabling the production of materials with high chemical and structural diversity. Such versatility was previously achieved through extensive input of mechanical energy or heat. This allows for simple and highly efficient manufacture of various MOFs, replacing the use of toxic and corrosive metal salts with environmentally benign starting materials that are not compatible with conventional methods.

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